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Welcome to the Hermitage.

Feel free to poke around. There are thoughts to ponder, pictures to gawk at, and quotes to amuse. And if those aren't sufficient, there are always lots of doors to try.


10.30.2009 - Sorry for not being around. I'm going to try to get back into blogging mode, but this time on wordpress! New updates will be there only!

06.06.2009 - Multi-Pic PotW a long-time in development musing. Also, there are a few new exits to check out.

04.19.2009 - Massive ToDo update and a teensy musing.

03.21.2009 - Happy Spring! Musing + ToDo + PotW + a shiny new RSS Feed! Can't wait for the summer concerts! =D

03.03.2009 - I'm still alive! Life happened these past few months, but hopefully I'll start updating semi-regularly now. Todo, Musing, PotW, and a few Quotes!

11.22.2008 - Life has been busy. A new todo to keep you as busy as me.

11.04.2008 - The non-political election trifecta update: PotW, musing, and ToDo.

10.23.2008 - PotW and a musing.

10.6.2008 - Todo and How to find an apartment.

9.13.2008 - Stuff Todo and stuff to muse

9.4.2008 - Sorry for the excessive lack of non-updates. I was in the middle of moving back to Chicago, and then I had to deal with this and then put together that. ToDo's should be back up and running shortly, and in the meantime, enjoy another PotW.

7.19.2008 - Gulliver's Travels and fun with panoramic cropping.

7.06.2008 - This musing has been sitting around unfinished for way too long. I might come back and polish it later... Also, a PotW from the summer travels.

6.15.2008 - You'd figure that I'd have more time to update, seeing as how I'm in the middle of nowhere... Picture and a Musing

5.26.2008 - Picture and Musing. Ding!

5.10.2008 - One last Todo for the summer, but then I'll be not in Chi-town. I'll try to make up for it by posting more pictures and thoughts.

4.05.2008 - Post College Life #2 and a PotW. ToDo to come tomorrow.

3.12.2008 - Took forever, but finally wrote the first of the "Post College Life" series. Feedback would be much appreciated!

3.10.2008 - ToDo

2.16.2008 - the not-Valentine's-Day Musing and todo and PotW

1.22.2008 - In honor of Yoko Noge and Yuval Hod...it's the a dance themed Musing and PotW. Todo is unthemed, as usual =b.

1.12.2008 - ToDo. Being cultured can be expensive.

1.5.2008 - Another year already. Crazy. ToDo and a Musing

12.25.2007 - Merry Christmas everyone! Some presents: Quotes, mini-Musings and a PotW.

11.24.2007 - Given that it's a long weekend, I suppose I can't claim that I've been too busy to update, huh? Musing and PotW for you all to munch on. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

11.12.2007 - Todo update

11.03.2007 - Fall = not too much happening in Chi-town. ToDo. Also a musing and a new PotW.

10.05.2007 - ToDo

09.30.2007 - quick and dirty update. PotW and a Musing.

09.03.2007 - Vegas Photoupdate, Musing, and a new ToDo. This might be my last full update for a while. Life is about to get really busy, and not exactly in the most pleasant of ways.

08.24.2007 - The second half of the Vegas diary took a ridiculously long time. Also, if you're an NU grad student, check out the new Lakeshore Soiree website.

08.01.2007 - Recap of Day 1 of Vegas is up! And an accompanying PotW.

07.25.2007 - It's been a long time since the last update, so we've got a special treat for you. New quotes (!) and a PotW. Off to Vegas this weekend, so no net access. I'll try to hammer out a musing when I get back.

06.27.2007 - Writer's block conquered. Lack of writing talent...eh...still working on it.

06.17.2007 - Just a small todo update and a PotW. Suffering from writer's block...sorry.

05.29.2007 - Monster todo update pt 2. New musing and a PotW rerun.

04.22.2007 - Musing and ToDo

04.21.2007 - PotW was feeling a bit neglected

04.13.2007 - Finally. A Musing.

04.06.2007 - Song lyrics for Good Friday.

04.05.2007 - Didn't get around to a musing, but the todo update is ridiculously huge.

03.19.2007 - Todo is updated. Looks like Chicago thawed out just in time for the fun to begin again =).

Hmmm...maybe I'll be ambitious and try to get a musing up today too...

03.18.2007 - Momentarily resurfacing for air. I'll try to make it a full update, but for now, here's a PotW.

02.14.2007 - The quasi-annual V-day update. Cleaned up the ToDo, wrote a non-musing, and Screencap otW ?!?

01.27.2007 - Wow...sorry for not updating for so long. First update of 2007, and January is almost over. My bad. We've got a new Musing, PotW, and as always, a new Todo.

12.31.2006 - Since I'm being a homebody...Year End Grades.

12.25.2006 - Merry Christmas everyone! ToDo and Quotes

12.10.2006 - ToDo and Musing

12.03.2006 - ToDo

11.23.2006 - The Ong Bak Drinking Game

11.18.2006 - Alive! ToDo AND PotW

11.4.2006 - Hopefully the last ToDo only update...

10.21.2006 - Another two weeks, another ToDo

10.06.2006 - ToDo

10.04.2006 - ToDo Life is getting busy around here, so for the time being, don't expect too many updates. ToDo will still be updated regularly, however. Thanks for your patience!

09.25.2006 - ToDo

09.14.2006 - Took forever, but we've got a new Musing, a new PotW, and an updated ToDo.

08.29.2006 - So for those of you who don't navigate here by Xanga, my next update will include a "Q&A with Hermyt" Musing. Feel free to submit any questions you might have to hermyt at alum dot mit dot edu. No question left unanswered or unevaded!

08.26.2006 - Wow, Hermitage 2.0 has been up for over a year now. A big shout out to everyone who stops by still =). Todo has been updated. The big news, however, is the addition of a Google Maps guide to Evanston! It's still Beta, so expect to see changes in the upcoming month, but for now, a bunch of the more off-the-beaten path haunts of mine have been mapped out.

08.13.2006 - PotW and a Musing. Also cleaned up the ToDo list.

07.30.2006 - reposted the Musing.

07.27.2006 - took down the Musing. I'm just not happy with the quality of the writing. Look for it in a few days.

07.26.2006 - Musing, PotW, and *drumroll please* Quotes!. It's not that my Chicago friends aren't funny, it's just that their quotables aren't as funny when taken out of context.

07.11.2006 - So evidently my first todo of the summer was a wee bit too thorough. Haven't had to add anything in nearly a month! Also, penny for your thoughts.

06.16.2006 - Wow. I've got some loyal xanga readers. Over 60 hits in the past 5 days and I haven't even posted an update flagpost there in 3 solid weeks. Thanks for the ego boost, guys =). At any rate, your loyalty shall not go unappreciated! A musing and a photolog for your enjoyment.

06.13.2006 - Todo. Musing and a photodump in the works.

06.06.2006 - Sorry for the lack of updates. My computer is _finally_ back up after being down for a week. Updates will hopefully come soon.

05.23.2006 - Massive todo, and a mini musing.

05.13.2006 - todo and PotW

04.25.2006 - Migration complete. Festival season is upon us. Todo and an homage.

04.22.2006 - Almost done. The only section not back up is PotW. Todo updated.

04.15.2006 - Transferring hosts. Sorry for the downtime

04.09.2006 - Todo - switching hosting services this month, so if anything funky happens, it probably has something to do with the move.

04.04.2006 - Todo - not much going on around town these days. Too much going on in life.

03.20.2006 - Todo, Heroes, and return of PotW. Well, sorta. I _really_ need to start carrying around my camera more.

03.05.2006 - Todo

02.25.2006 - Todo

02.14.2006 - Happy Valentine's Day! 10 reasons... and a PotW.

02.10.2006 - Ack, forgot to post this. Sorry if some events are past already. Todo

01.28.2006 - Happy Chinese New Year! Todo and PotW for your pleasure.

01.24.2006 - Musings and PotW and ToDo, oh my!

01.14.2006 - Sorry about the hiatus. Classes have made things a bit hectic. So much fun, so little cash. Plus, last musing of the New Year's series.

01.03.2006 - Musing 2/3, and a PotW

12.31.2005 - Lots of Musings in the pipeline. Year in Review

12.25.2005 - Christmas Gifts: 1 Todo, 1 PotW, 1 Musing, and a handful of quotes.

12.19.2005 - New PotW. Off to Philly. Don't expect any new Todo's for a few weeks.

12.03.2005 - Need a gift idea? Check out the local craft fairs. Todo. And a PotW. Well, more like PotM

11.29.2005 - And the newspaper clippings keep on coming. Todo.

11.24.2005 - Happy Thanksgiving

11.22.2005 - Todo Gonna take a break for Thanksgiving. You've gotta find your own fun next weekend.

11.12.2005 - More todo. Chicago is a crazy place.

11.10.2005 - Full Update (finally!). Musing, Todo and a PotW. I need to start taking more pictures.

10.29.2005 - Halloween Fun and a New Friends

10.21.2005 - Lots Todo. Time? Not so much.

10.14.2005 - Musing (!) and a slight update to Todo

10.12.2005 - I was going to hold off until I had a musing, but here's a ToDo and PotW anyways.

10.03.2005 - There are way too many things ToDo in Chicago.

9.29.2005 - ToDo updated. Chicagoland readers rejoice.

9.27.2005 - Standard update to get the post-Beta era rolling: PotW and a Musing

9.25.2005 - fix for small monitors. Let me know if anything else breaks. End Beta.

8.21.2005 - tweak fix posted for IE, new Musing, new exits.

8.8.2005 - Beta posted

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7.19.2005 - Coding begins